You too can Have a Private Label Product Launched by the Peak of Q4

I’m sure you have noticed that Amazon is making it tougher and tougher on those in which their whole business is built upon retail arbitrage. Not to mention the number of other people that get into this business on a daily basis that drive prices down.

I’m not a doom and gloom guy. I think there will ALWAYS be opportunity for retail arbitrage. I just don’t think it’s smart to build your whole business on it.  We all know that private label is the ultimate goal to build a long-term sustainable physical product business, but it still seems scary and unattainable for some.  If that’s you don’t feel bad.

Christi Michelle launches private label products and exclusive bundles (almost as good as private label) in only 4 weeks and with less than $100. Her strategy could not be less intimidating and easy.

Christi and I did a webinar a few months ago and she knocked everybody’s socks off with her 4 Week and $100 method so guess what? We’re doing it again this Thursday at 8 PM ET. It will be recorded so even if you can’t make it live register and you’ll get the replay.

We’re calling it “4 Weeks and $100: 2.0.”

This time, though, she’s going to go into many more examples of her method and how you can implement it into your business. Plus if you register for the 2nd workshop, you get access to the first one for free!

In my private label mentoring program one of my students took Christi’s method and launched her own product for $68!

I know we’re in Q4, but there is still time to have your private label product or exclusive bundle launched in time for the peak of Q4.

You don’t want to miss this! This is the EASIEST method of launching a private label product I have ever seen.

Register Here –

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