Who’s the President?

No.  I’m not talking about the President of the United States.

For sure there is a lot of uncertainty right now as we wait for the results of the election.

Some of you are probably thinking “Let’s just get this figured out and move on with our lives” and some of you might be sitting on the edge of your seat watching 24/7 news coverage and doing little else.

Of course it’s important who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but what’s even more important is who is President of your house. 

The President typically sets the agenda for our country.  He casts a vision for the direction he feels is best to go, but he can’t pass a law on his own.  He must recruit members of Congress to draft a bill and vote on it before he signs it into law.

In the days of absolute monarchies, Kings could decree whatever they wanted to and it became law.  There was no check on his power. 

In your own home and in your business you can set the agenda, cast the vision and execute it at the same time.

Are you exercising that power or are you just letting the winds of circumstance blow your business and your life whichever way it will?

You have the choice. 

Sure…things will happen that are beyond our control, but we have the choice how we react to them.  Do we give up and quit or do we press on?

This isn’t easy for sure.  That’s why you need a strong why. 

You need something that gets you up in the morning and motivates you to push past the obstacles that you’re going to face.

My guests on this week’s podcast episode are prime examples of the importance of a strong why.  In fact they had two strong whys?

What’s yours?

As President of your life and business find out your “Why” then set your course to achieving it.