What’s your MOS?

I’m sure you’ve seen this World War II recruitment poster or at least a version of it.
The US government used them to get men to enlist in the army to fight in the war. I’m no military expert, but when someone enlists in the army they select a “Military Occupational Specialty” (MOS).

According to my limited research, there are about 190 Military Occupational Specialties or what a civilian like me would call a “job.”
They include jobs like an “Intelligence Analyst” or “Public Affairs Specialist” and many more.

What’s your MOS?

Each of us has a specialty as well…..some skill, ability, or talent that makes us unique.

What’s yours?

Some people instantly know and others have yet to uncover them, but they’re there. Think about the dreams and desires that you’ve had in your life – the ones yet to be fulfilled.  Maybe for sake of practicality you’ve tucked them away. Most likely those dreams and desires are closely related to your unique giftings.

I believe that when we were born, God instilled in us the seeds of these unique talents and abilities and as we grow up we uncover these talents. AND these talents are not there just for us, but for us to be a blessing to others.

Think about Beethoven….by the time he was 28 he started noticing hearing difficulties and by age 44 he was totally deaf.  He couldn’t even hear the music he was composing!

What if Beethoven decided not to pursue his dreams?  The world would have certainly missed out.

Don’t let the circumstances of life cause you or the rest of the world to miss out on what your unique talents will bring.

Just like Uncle Sam needed able-bodied men during World War II, we need you to step up and play the part you were destined to play.

This week’s podcast episode dives a little deeper into this.  I encourage you to check it out here – http://streamsofincomeradio.com/

Have a blessed weekend!!