Whatever it Takes

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a podcast interview with one of my Amazon Legends members and a friend. He just hit the $1 million mark in sales for the last year…..quite a milestone for us ecommerce sellers.

He told his story of starting his business while he was working more than full-time as a professional chef…a job that requires hours and hours away from home. I asked him how he found the time to build his business and he said something simple, but profound. He said it was his mindset of ”Whatever it takes.  I’m going to do this.”

He got up early before his job and put in some time and did the same thing at night before going to bed. He’s endured 2 floods at his home and an account suspension last year, but he kept going.

He started his business back in 2008 so it’s taken 12 years for him to reach this milestone, but he made it by following his mindset of “Whatever it takes. I’m going to do this.”

How badly do you want it?

What do you need your business to do for you?

You can’t hit a million dollar milestone with five hundred dollar effort. If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.

If your goal is just to make a few hundred extra bucks per month that’s perfectly fine. Your business can easily produce that for you, but if your goal is much much higher then your effort has to coincide with your goals.

Again….how badly do you want it?

What have you been putting off? Don’t put it off any longer.

What dream do you have that you know you’re supposed to accomplish, but you haven’t taken one step yet? Make this the week that you step out and start taking action. You don’t have to have it all figured out. In fact you never will. With action comes clarity so step out, take action, and the path will become clearer and clearer.

Whatever it takes……YOU CAN do this.