What Would People Pay ME for?

This is a question I get often.

It’s very easy to overlook the topic/skill/interest you have that could be turned into an income because it’s something that comes natural to you.  You’re good at it so you might think it’s something anyone can do and therefore not anything people would pay for.


The very thing that you’re good at, that people come to you for advice for is very likely the exact thing that you can turn into an income.
You just need confidence and that will come as you start taking action and see that there are in fact people in the world that need your skill/advice/knowledge and will gladly trade their hard earned money for it.

If you’re feeling insecure about your potential niche listen to some of these niches in which people have created a recurring revenue membership program:

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

How to Start a Paint Party Business

Homeschool Moms Community

Salt Water Taffy Subscription Box

Freezer Meal Planning

Youth Ministry Resources

Learning about Herbs

Agility Dog Trainers

Weight Loss for Christian Women

And don’t forget my guest from episode 37 who turned his love of paper airplanes into a full time income that allowed him to quit his job in January!

So where do you start if you want to go down this road of creating income from something you’re knowledgeable about?

Go find your people.

Who is your ideal audience and where do they hang out online?
Get in front of them and serve them.

One of the easiest places online to find your audience is inside Facebook groups.

Search Facebook for groups related to your niche, join them, and look for people that have problems you can solve.

When you engage in groups in this way you’ll be setting yourself apart as an expert in this niche. 

People in those groups will begin seeking you out and asking for more.

This is how it starts and this is only one way to find your people and serve them.

If you serve them they will come just like I come running when it’s dinner time My friend and business partner Jenni Hunt go deep into these strategies for turning your interest into income and you can try out our Build your Income Streams Insiders group for only $1 here – http://buildyourincomestreams.com/