What is Your Low Hanging Fruit?

Have you ever asked these questions?

Where do I start?

What can I sell?

What knowledge do I have that people would pay me for?

There are diamonds right in your backyard and you might not know it.

Let me illustrate this with a short story….
A few years ago a friend of mine from church invited me to lunch to talk about selling on Amazon.  When I started digging into this question about what is your low hanging fruit I asked him about his current job.  He works for a steel company.  That intrigued me because I know virtually nothing about this industry so already right there I was thinking “I wonder if he has access to anything that he can sell that is unique?”

After a few minutes of chatting he disclosed that he has access to scrap steel at a very low price AND he has a friend that can help him turn that scrap steel into about anything he wants.

He mentioned sheet metal as an example.  So right there at the table I did some quick research on Amazon for sheet metal.

We found 12 inch by 12 inch sheets selling for a price that was enough for him to make a decent profit on.  That would be his low hanging fruit?  It was right underneath him and not something that he even thought about before.

But here’s what makes it unique and so special….I never ever would have thought “Hey, you know what? Let’s sell sheet metal on Amazon” and I bet most other Amazon sellers wouldn’t have either.  But there are customers right now on Amazon looking for that product.

So a niche that would have been a massive hurdle for me to get into (if I had even thought about it at all) was right underneath his nose. 

So I ask you….What is your low hanging fruit?

Some questions to get you thinking are:

What’s right around you geographically?

Where do you work?

Where do your friends and family works?

What do you/they do at work? Do they make physical products?

If your business is creating an income from your knowledge and/or passion…what energizes you to talk about?  What questions are people already asking you?  What problem are you already solving for people?

That could be your low hanging fruit and the thing that makes you a nice living too!

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