What is the most important thing that will move my business forward today?

We live in the greatest time ever to be an entrepreneur.

Opportunity is everywhere and our options are endless.

This can be great if you’re able to sift through them, but it can be terribly overwhelming too.

Ideas are coming at us a mile a minute, new methods of making money are turned into course after course or workshop after workshop and we just can’t miss out on the next big thing or our business will be behind. 

Or will it?

I’m a big fan of investing in your business through courses, books, membership programs, etc.  For me it’s vital, but just because a new program could help my business doesn’t mean I whip out my credit card and buy every single one that gets offered to me.

This reminds me of visiting MCL cafeteria with my grandparents back in the 80’s.  We’d grab a plastic tray and slide it past a buffet of food with workers behind the glass asking us every 5 seconds if we wanted to grab a salad, a side item, a main entrée like chicken or roast beef and then finally if we wanted a dessert. 

Even though I might have wanted to, I didn’t say yes to every single item offered.

My grandparents made me decide and wanted me to only get what I could actually eat.

With all of these options for growing our business and with all of the things that need to be done from time to time to maintain our business it can be so overwhelming.

So what do we do?

Ask yourself this….”What is the most important thing that will move my business forward today?”

Then do that.

If you’re in the business of selling physical products it’s probably either finding new inventory or shipping out what has already sold or sending it into Amazon.

Keep it simple.  Do the most important thing that will move your business forward.