What Business Should I Start?

Do you want to start a business, but don’t know what business to get into?

Here are some tips to help you….

  •  What is your passion?

Are you a Star Wars junkie? Then how about a business buying selling Star Wars toys and memorabilia? Do you love gardening and know a lot about it? Then maybe a good informational product would be right for you. Whatever your passion is, there is a niche out there for that and an opportunity for you to turn it into a business.

Working in an area that you love or have an expertise in is the best place to start. Plus if you’re doing something that you love it won’t feel like work.

  • Do you have a certain product or service that you enjoy?

Let’s say you really like make-up for example. You could take that interest and become a Mary Kay consultant. The advantage of becoming a rep for a company like this is that there is usually a much smaller investment required to get started and they have training to help you be successful as well. Whatever product you might be interested in, there is probably a direct marketing company out there that you could join to sell it.

I was a sales rep for Cutco Cutlery back in college. I didn’t take that job because I wanted to sell knives necessarily, but I enjoyed being able to set my own schedule and the money making potential was limitless.

  •  Do you have a service you can sell?

Are you good at painting or handyman type jobs? A service business such as these are great for someone just beginning because there is very little investment required to get up and running.

You could be in business just by placing an ad on Craigslist and that’s free.  Many large successful businesses got their start this way.

  • Look in the phone book for ideas

If you still are not sure where to start, go through the business section of the phone book for ideas. You might come across an ad for a bakery and then have the idea to start your own because you have an amazing cupcake recipe. By the way, an idea if you have an amazing cupcake recipe is to sell the recipe or a recipe book. I know there are probably millions of recipes you can get for free on the internet, but there are plenty of people selling them too. Just do a search for “cupcake recipe” on fiverr.com and you’ll see people selling theirs.

I believe the best advice is to start where you already have some expertise or where your passion lies. The “work” of your business won’t feel like work and you’ll be having fun at the same time.


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