We need multiple income streams because……

“Because you don’t want all your eggs in one basket.”

“Because multiple streams gives you multiple ways and outlets to serve your audience as well as to evolve and grow your approach and your revenue.”

“What if you lose a job?!”

“To ride out the economic roller coaster that’s always changing.”

“In case one failed.”

“Generates opportunities for exponential growth distributed across multiple sources.”

These are some of the responses we got inside our Build your Income Streams Facebook group when we asked this open ended question – “We need multiple income streams because……”

All of the most successful business owners I know have more than one stream of income.

Multiple streams of income creates peace of mind and stability. Being an entrepreneur can certainly feel like a roller coaster ride and multiple streams certainly makes the ride less scary.

My friend Ryan is a member of my Legends group. He opened his Amazon account one day to find those dreaded words “Your account has been deactivated” at the top. That’s never a pleasant thing, but Ryan didn’t give up. While he waited for reinstatement he got to work on another selling platform….Walmart.

Walmart also allows 3rd party sellers to list products so Ryan dug in and learned how to sell on Walmart.

Only 3 months later he has surpassed his income from his former school administrator job solely from sales on Walmart!

I asked Ryan to do a live workshop series to teach how to sell on Walmart and we’re starting on Monday! You can learn more here – https://amzlegends.com/walmart

Don’t wait for a job loss or an account deactivation to push you to create multiple streams of income. Get started now.

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