We Just Want Things to Stay the Same But Get Better

Man wouldn’t this be great………for things to be able to stay the same but get better?

Change is not comfortable.  Staying in our comfort zone is, but as my friend Tyson Priest says in his new book Delta to Victor “Nothing good comes from comfort zones.”

People who change the world must get used to change.

What do you want your life/business to look like one year from now?  Chances are it will require some type of change to make it happen, but the good news is it might not require a massive change.

Usually what our like looks like on December 30 is the result of small choices we make throughout the year.  For example losing weight might require something as simple as just cutting out sugary drinks.  Adding a new income stream in your business might require outsourcing something you’re currently doing to free up your time.

If looking at the big result you need seems daunting then just focus on the small tasks and changes that will get you there.  Do that day after day and the big result will automatically happen.

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