There is Gold in your Backyard!

But it might not look like gold.  It might disguise itself as old, worn out,
easily overlooked items at your neighbor’s garage sale or at a nearby
estate sale or thrift store. 

It also might disguise itself as a painful experience you’ve had, a struggle you’ve overcome, or a skill you’ve mastered.

The term “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is accurate, but you have to know what to look for.

Let me explain.

If you’re selling physical products online or want to go that direction you know that Amazon is the platform that gets talked about the most, but did you know that eBay is still a huge player?

In fact eBay ranks 3rd in shopping sites on the whole internet!
I know that when Amazon launched their FBA program it revolutionized things for us as resellers, but there is an incredible amount o profit to be made by leveraging eBay.

If you sell on Amazon then you know that getting a return on your investment of 25%-50% is normal.  And of course that beats the stock market any day, but my friend Greg who sells a ton on eBay routinely gets ROIs in the thousands.

For example on a webinar I did with him this week he divulged that he spent $3.16 last week on 2 Starbucks mugs and knows they’ll sell on eBay for an $80 profit.  That’s an ROI of 2,431.65%!!

I don’t know about you, but that makes eBay attractive again 🙂

If you want to learn exactly what Greg looks for when he walks into a garage sale, estate sale, or thrift store then join us on our 6 week live workshop that starts June 10!  Here’s the link to register –

 Above I also said that if you’ve had a painful experience, a struggle you’ve overcome, or a skill you’ve mastered that that could also be gold.

I realize that not everyone that reads this is interested in selling physical products.  You may be one of those that wants to turn your interest into income or your passion into profits.

To give you an idea of what others are doing just do a Google search for that painful experience, struggle, or skill you’ve mastered with the term “course” after it.
For example, if you’ve quit smoking and desire to help others do the same type in something like “quit smoking course.”

Talking about a different type of smoking let’s say you’re a master at
smoking meats.  Type in “meat smoking course” or a variation of that.
These courses represent people that are making an income from that interest or passion.

You can do the same!!

There is gold in your backyard, my friend!