The Super Secret Key to Knowing EXACTLY What to Sell​

“You look like you want a spicy chicken sandwich with fries and a lemonade”

Is that what you hear when you’re greeted by a friendly Chick-fil-a employee?

No.  What do they or any other fast food restaurant employee say instead?

Yes……”How may I help you?”

My VAs (Virtual Assistants) from the Philippines are here this week for our Amazon Legends Family Reunion (that’s what we call our conferences) and I introduced them to Chick-fil-a for the first time.  You’re welcome, Zech and Rain!  🙂

So what’s the super secret way to find out what your customers want?


In my interview with photographer Katie Lamb she talks about how

listening to her audience lead the way to creating multiple streams of income.

(You can listen to her episode here –
Katie is in a business in which in order to make more money she has to book more sessions or work more hours.  She’s already swamped being a mom of almost 4 year old twins so she needed to do something differently.

Rather than guess at what her audience might want she started listening and engaging with them.  She now makes money through her course, coaching, and even brand sponsorships.

Do you need to create multiple streams of income?
Find a group to serve, ASK them what they need, and fill it.  No guessing involved.

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