The Key to Overcoming what’s Holding you Back

If you think of your life as a movie what genre would it be?

I know we all have times when it might be a comedy or times when things aren’t going well or you’re going through some difficult times and you would call it a horror show.  But if you had to select one genre that sums up what your life has been so far what would it be?

My podcast guest this week is my good friend Christie Hertzler.  Several years ago Christie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Much like an actor in a movie Christie didn’t choose that script.  She could have continued to play the actor role and let that script play out for her.  No one would fault her if she let that diagnosis define her life and she made that an excuse for why she couldn’t build a business.  Rather Christie took the role of producer and writer and re-wrote the script of her life.  So instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for herself she started an Amazon business and now has multiple streams of income.

Life isn’t always fair and you might be dealing with some serious things that could hold you back from what God has called you to do.  I encourage you….re-write your script.  I believe that what the enemy meant for your harm, God will turn into something good.  Your mess will become your message.  That horror movie will turn into an inspiring story of someone (you) who overcame what life threw at them and built an incredible business and life.

Here’s a short clip from my interview with Christie that will inspire you –


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