The Big 3

Do you have a long list of To-dos that seem to never get done or just never seem to move the needle in your business?  This tip below will help.

I’m a student of productivity.  I’m always looking for ways to improve how I work.

This one tip has made a huge impact on my business and it’s this….

Focus on your Big 3

What’s the “Big 3?”

It’s the 3 things that you MUST accomplish today no matter what.  What are the 3 things that will move your business forward the most today?

It most likely won’t be something like organizing your mail or scrolling through Facebook.
If you’re selling physical products online it might be calling on a wholesale account or getting out a shipment.
If you’re working on building your personal brand it might be writing a blog post or going live in your Facebook group.

Whatever your Big 3 is they need to be the 3 most important things that will make the most impact on your business.  Too often we get distracted with the fires that start and we never make progress on the important things that will really help us reach our goals.

So make it a practice to write down (either the night before or the morning) your 3 most important tasks and just focus on those.

The rest either can wait, can be delegated, or don’t need to be done at all.

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