The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

What do you think the best investment you can make is?




Life Insurance?

There is a lot of argument over the above, but I would submit that the absolute best investment you can make is in yourself.

Jim Rohn said “Poor people have big TVs.  Rich people have big libraries.”

I may never meet the world’s best business minds, but I can learn from them by reading or listening to their books, listening to their podcasts, taking their courses, and attending their events.

Every year people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive a piece of paper that hangs on their wall that represents a degree they may never use.  And then they balk at spending $97 on a course that can make them back those hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Let’s take selling online as an example….I realize that with the internet there is a ton of free information out there.  So, yes, you could digest all the free info out there and start a business, but your time is super valuable.  It’s tedious work trying to wade through the plethora of content and then filtering through it for the best most accurate, up to date stuff.

And if you’re just starting out you might not even realize that the video you just watched is obsolete because Amazon changes so fast.

An investment into an online course or coaching program can save you time and money by short-cutting the process and helping you avoid mistakes that others make along the way

I’ve personally spent and continue to spend thousands of dollars every year on continuing education in the form of books, courses, mastermind groups, and live events.

I can guarantee you that my business would not be where it is today without investing in myself in this way.

My friend Dan Miller gave a keynote about this very topic at a conference I attended and did a whole podcast episode called “Your success is guaranteed – if you do this”  Here’s the link to it –

He suggests investing 3% of your income back into yourself and once you hit $50,000 per year to bump that number up to 5%.

So for example if you’re making $50,000 per year that would equate to $2500 per year or $208 per month.  For $2500 you could easily attend 1 or 2 conferences or book a coaching package with someone.

Dan says “See this as “investing” not “spending.”  If you purchase a 65″ TV you just spent that money, and your expense is depreciating every minute.  If you “invest” in yourself through a course that opens the door to a new opportunity, that investment can go up in value from the minute you begin.”

Shoot me an email ( if you need some advice on where you might invest in yourself.  I’ve been doing this for a while and have gone through many courses and programs.  I’d be happy to help.

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