The 3 Simple Steps to Turn your Interest into Income

Interest into Income.

Passion into Profits.

Wisdom into wealth.

Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t have to be complicated to build a business around a topic that you’re passionate about, interested in, or knowledgable about.

There are 3 simple steps and they are:

1) Find your People

2) Serve them Well

3) Grow your Audience

Have you ever walked into a room and then thought “Why did I even come in here for?”

Don’t do that in your journey to find your people 🙂

To find them you have to…

Know who they are.

Know where they hang out online.

Get in front of them and serve them well.

Ask yourself…

“Who do I feel like I can help the most?” 

“Who will resonate the most with my message?” 

The more specific you can be about this ideal person the easier it is to find them.

There might be many places this person hangs out online, but one of the easiest to connect with him or her is inside Facebook groups.
Since this is a topic you’re interested in you might already be in groups related to this.

Once you’ve identified the who and where now you just have the how – How to serve them.
Get involved in those groups.  Answer questions.  Engage with the people there.
Listen to what they need.  Where they’re stuck?  How can you help them?

Can you create a simple product or service that meets that need?

Sure you can!

My friend and business partner Jenni Hunt want to help you take action and start building a business using these strategies and we want to do it in just 7 days!

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