Thank you and Top Questions from Readers

I am truly humbled by the response I have received to my book. Thank you to everyone who purchased it and I sincerely hope it’s a blessing to you and your business.

Below are the top questions I have received from my readers along with my answers.

Q. Can I purchase from these wholesalers if I live outside the United States?
A. Yes, but you will need to get a US EIN# (Employee Identification Number) and a state sales tax certificate from one of the states..  That might sound scary, but it’s really not.
I’m working with another seller who has cleared this hurdle on a short e-book describing the process he used to get set up in the US to be able to buy wholesale. To be notified when this is available please sign up here –

Q. What is the best way to look up these items on Amazon if the UPC code is not listed on the site?
A. When the UPC code is not listed, the best method we’ve come across to find these items on Amazon (if they exist) is to type the name of the wholesale company then the product name. For example if the name of the wholesale company is Regal Art and the item is an Angel Christmas tree ornament then try typing “Regal Art Angel Christmas tree ornament” in the Amazon search field.

Q. If you don’t find the item on Amazon currently do you create new listings?
A. We’re typically looking for items that already have a listing, but will occasionally buy something and create a new listing if we think it will sell well.
If we were going to make this a larger part of our business we would look for items that are similar to products that are already selling well on Amazon. For example, if you found a line of candles that are similar to a brand like Yankee you might do well to create a listing. It never hurts to test.

Q. Are there other wholesalers you work with that are not in your book?
A. Yes. We are always making new contacts and will update the book as needed. Remember that once you purchase my book once, you get lifetime updates. Just be sure to click the link in the book to get added to the list when we have updates.

Q. Do you offer coaching?
A. Yes. I love helping people propel their business forward.  Please contact me at for details.

If there is anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    I was wondering if your new wholesale book will be available on Amazon or perhaps via another affiliate program…also, is there an excerpt or sample available?

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