Step Out of your Comfort Zone and Into your Calling

Yesterday I had the privilege of chatting with a gentleman who wrote a fiction book and he was wondering how to get the word out about it and to create a stream of income from it.

Like any product or service you have, you want to find out who your ideal audience is and where they hang out – online and even offline.  His book has a message behind it so one idea I had for him was to find events he could speak at.  He basically said that it would be outside his comfort zone to do that.  I told him that I totally empathize with him and began to explain what has really helped me in this area because much of what I do is or at one time was outside of my comfort zone.

I was praying about this one time and sensed the Lord telling me that the message I have is not about me.  It’s His message and I’m just the messenger.  For me it’s way more comfortable to talk about someone else and what they’re doing so the idea of having to promote me is just not something I like to do.
So when I learned that I’m only the messenger, that totally took the
pressure off and made me more comfortable sharing and promoting this message that’s on my heart.

Is there something on your heart that you know has been placed there by the Lord?  Don’t hold back in fear of being seen as self-promoting.  It’s not about you.  It’s not about me.  It’s about Him and the message He wants to use you to bring to the world.  Allow yourself to be used by Him.

Get over any anxiety you have about it and just get the job done.

Write that book.

Start that blog.

Whatever it is….get it done.

The world needs it.

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