The Secret to Taking the Limits Off your Business

Are you unknowingly putting a cap on your business growth?

In my most recent podcast episode I chat with my good friend and business partner Jenni Hunt and she said something that really stuck with me.  She said if you’re attempting to build a business on your own that you’re “capping your opportunity.”

What is she talking about?

Many businesses can be done solo.  Two of the three main online business models I frequently talk about could be done without ever talking to a single customer and for the most part with little human contact.
But is that the best way?  I think not and I would argue that by going it completely alone that you’re hindering your growth and hurting your wallet.  In 2014 I wrote a book called Private Label the Easy Way and a book is all that content would have ever been if it were not for meeting and getting to know Jenni Hunt.  She helped me see how that same content could be re-purposed and turned into a course and our partnership was born.  From there we created several streams of income all related to private label, but I know for sure none of it would have happened if I were flying solo.

Business is all about relationships and I know that I know that I know that my business would not be where it is today had I stayed home behind my computer.

My point is….get out and meet people doing the same thing you are.  Get out of your comfort zone.   As you meet people be on the lookout for those that have complimentary skills to yours or that you just “click” with.  You never know…a short “Hello” could turn into an amazing partnership.

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