Is it Possible to Work Less and Make More?

Things have gotten crazy busy around my house. My wife, Melane, and I just welcomed our first child into the world a few weeks ago. The weeks and months before our son was born were pretty intense as well – getting everything ready along with weekly doctor’s appointments.

You would think that this schedule would make it impossible to move my business forward, but the truth is our business has never been better.

I give God the glory for this and the key has been FOCUS.

Having less time to work has caused me to really focus on the most important things in my business and those things that only I can do. The result has been the best few months our business has ever seen.

One tool I use all the time to stay focused is Trello. Here’s a video I made for my Private Label Mentoring Group that I wanted to share with everyone –

The weekend is a good time to evaluate where you are in your business and what you spend your time doing. I encourage you to look at your daily activities. Are they things that are the best use of your time? If not, hire those out and focus on the items that only you can do. That’s when you’ll see a massive difference in your business.

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