One Hundred Years from Now you Won’t Care

Being an entrepreneur can be hard.

This graphic from Derek Halpern describes perfectly this roller coaster ride that we call running a business.

You can be chugging along just fine and then something happens that is completely out of your control that threatens to derail your whole business.
It doesn’t even need to be something major.  It can be easy to let the little flames of distraction turn into massive forest fires if we let it.

Being an entrepreneur is fraught with all kinds of challenges.  That comes with the territory. 

That’s why not everyone is an entrepreneur.

In one of his recent Darren Daily videos, Darren Hardy, the founder of Success Magazine says “Whatever you’re thinking or feeling or going through, this too shall pass.  Twenty years from now while you might likely remember the current events you probably won’t remember the little things that you’re currently all bunched up about.”

It’s funny that this is some of the exact advice my dad has given me over the years and that we talk about in this week’s podcast episode.

In honor of Father’s Day I decided to chat with my dad about life and business and challenges that we have to overcome.  I encourage you to listen to it as I believe it will inspire you.

My dad likes to come up with quotes and one of them is a lot like Darren Hardy’s quote above about not remembering the little things that we’re all bunched up about right now in twenty years.  My dad says ”One hundred years from now we won’t care.”

I’ll leave you with another quote from my dad – “May this be the day you take that first step to what you have so longed in your heart to do. Rise above the negativity you may have heard that has hindered you from advancing to your destiny.”