Multiple Streams of Income and An Online Sourcing Opportunity

I know you have heard the term “multiple streams of income”.

In the internet marketing world some possible streams are:

  • A physical product business such as selling on Amazon and eBay
  •  Helping offline businesses get their business online
  •  Coaching other online sellers
  •  Writing and selling an e-book on a subject you’re knowledgeable about
  •  Setting yourself up as a leader in your niche, building an audience, and offering quality products to that audience

There are many more possible streams and there are streams within those streams. For example, with an Amazon business you can sell products you find at a physical retail store or online. You can also have your own private label product with your own brand.

Sound overwhelming?  It can be.

My advice is to focus on one stream at a time. Get that stream going then branch out to other streams. If you’re like me your email inbox is exploding with information from every marketer out there. They might all have great information and wonderful courses, but if what they’re offering is not related to the stream you’re focusing on my advice is to put those emails in a separate folder. I have an email folder called “IM Later” which stands for “Internet Marketing Later.” Those are all the emails that I find interesting, but that don’t apply to what I’m working on at the time.

Which brings me to the 2nd part of my post….If you aren’t currently working on an Amazon product business or if this is not your focus you will want to pass on this offer.

As you may know I’m in a mastermind group with 7 other Amazon sellers. Just this last week we launched our very own deals site at

I know…. Not another deals site. Right?

But here’s why ours is different:

  • No In-Store deals – We will only post finds that are available to purchase online and have delivered to your door.
  • 45% profit margin or more – We won’t post a deal unless it will earn at least 45% profit. So if you purchase $100 worth of items, we want you to get your $100 back and another $45 on top of that.

How much does it cost? The first level is completely free! Yep. That’s right. Free.

With the free level you will receive 6 deals per day posted randomly twice per day on our FB page. If you prefer having those deals emailed to you so that you don’t miss out on any of them we have the Silver Membership at $19.97 per month.

Want more than 6 deals per day? We have the Gold level membership at $49.97 per month in which you will receive 20 exclusive deals per day Monday – Friday (not posted on Facebook).

All paid memberships will be limited to 250 subscribers and you cancel anytime without penalty.

Before making this public we conducted a “30-day challenge” where we had 2 Amazon sellers purchase nothing but the deals we posted. How did it go? Well you can see their video testimonials at the bottom of this page –

As a bonus everyone who signs up for any of the membership levels will receive a free copy of our brand new book called “Insider Secrets to Flipping Products on Amazon”. This book is geared to newer sellers, but does have some tips and info that anyone can glean.

So go to right now if you’re interested in this or you just want more information.

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