Me Create an Online Course?

“Me create an online course?  You’ve got to be kidding me!!!”
“I don’t have any fancy equipment.” 

“How would I make the videos so polished?”

“Wait!?!?  I have to be on camera?!?!”

“How will I deliver the course?”

“Course software is so expensive!!”
“This is going to take A LOT of work!”

This is the type of feedback I hear from people that are exploring the idea of turning something they’re passionate about into an income when we get to the topic of creating an online course.

But do you even need an online course?
If you’re interested in turning your interest into income or your passion into profits, I’d argue that having an online course is one of the primary ways to monetize your message.A lot of you have a book in your heart or maybe have already written one, but then quickly realize that if you’re not Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkien, or John Grisham there’s not a whole lot of money in being an author alone.  My friend and mentor Jim Cockrum says that your book is your business card. 
A book can start the relationship between you and your audience, but for them to truly put into action what you want them to, most will need more.  This “more” can come from one on one coaching, live events, mastermind groups, or a membership site, but one of the absolute easiest ways to serve your audience, help them take action, and for you to earn income is by creating a course.I know the idea of creating a course can sound intimidating.
That’s because when people think of creating a course usually they are thinking about expensive software, amazing videos, and other time consuming, expensive things.

I suppose that’s great for some people… but, I can make a case that going the traditional route will waste you a TON of money and time. PLUS, you’ll end up with a product you don’t even know will sell!

I promise, building out a course doesn’t have to be a big, complicated process.

My friend and business partner Jenni Hunt and I have created the easy way for course creation and we’re kicking off a 3 session workshop next Tuesday where we’ll show you how to build a course in just 3 days!!! 

Join us here –

Oh and the best news….it’s only $1!!!