Let’s Go to the Other Side

Can you believe it?

We’re already half way through 2020!!

This has to be the craziest year I’ve ever witnessed.  Now there have been years that have been tougher for my family personally, but as far as something that everyone is going through at the same time it’s got to rank up there at the top of the crazy scale.

I was talking with someone yesterday and he was saying this pandemic has been challenging to his motivation level…that there are days he wakes up and doesn’t want to do anything.
I told him that I also have definitely felt less motivated over the last few months than at any time in my business.  It’s really weird. 

Can you relate?

I know some of you are having the best business year you’ve ever had and some of you are really struggling.

No matter how 2020 has affected you let me tell you…..this too shall pass.

Even though it feels like we’re all in a boat in the midst of a storm that keeps getting crazier know that we have the One who calms the storm in the boat with us. 

In Mark 4:35 Jesus tells his disciples “Let us go over to the other side” referring to the other side of the lake.  Then a furious storm rose up that was big enough to scare the disciples, many of whom were expert fishermen.

That storm was not a surprise to the Lord and neither was this one that we’re going through in 2020.

And let me tell you…we’re going to the other side. 

Keep rowing and keep praying.  We’ll get through this