Just Get Started

Me and my business partner Jenni Hunt were on a brainstorming call with a client this week and when asked what else we could do for her she said “I just need to get started.”

Many people I talk to struggle with the how of getting started…they analyze it too much and never take action.  Or they aren’t really sure what to do first.

I heard a quote from Carl Jung recently that said “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

Rich Litvin, author of The Prosperous Coach says “Stop waiting for clarity.  Clarity can be useful before you begin. But you don’t need it. Take one tiny step. And then the next. And then the next. You’ll be surprised at what you accomplish.”

My family and I had the privilege of traveling to the UK back in May of last year and we toured the Arundel Castle.  Inside the castle are some very long, winding staircases in which you can’t see the top while standing at the bottom.  Our business journey and even our life journey is sometimes like that winding staircase.  You just take one small step after one small step until you reach the top.

I’ve hosted many live events over the past several years, but this weekend is my very first Streams of Income Live event.  I’ve had it on my heart for several years now to do an event on this topic.  So I’m just stepping out and being obedient.  I believe that the Lord is going to send the people there that need to be there.

I’m not going to have a huge crowd and that’s okay.  If I can help just one person re-ignite those dreams inside of them it will have been worth it.

What is on your heart to do?

There’s never going to be a perfect time.  You just need to take action and get started.

My very first live event was at my home several years ago.  The reason I did that was to keep the expenses down, but also to be very honest I had no idea if anyone would come.  And if no one showed up, no one but me and my wife would know.  Ha!

Thankfully I did have 7 people fly from all over the country to come to my house for a day and a half event.  But had I been too nervous to try that first one I wouldn’t be doing the one this weekend.

So again I ask….what is it on your heart to do?

Please take action on it because the world needs the gifts you have.

How can I help you get started?

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