IKEA vs the Handyman

I believe that one of my jobs is to instill confidence in you and help you believe in yourself and also give you the tools and training to move forward in your business.

In this short email I want to show you that there are 3 ways that you can make money from something you already know.

Let’s break down these 3 business models:

DIY (Do it Yourself) – this might be a book or a course or some kind of training, but that requires your student to implement it on their own. This is similar to buying a piece of furniture at IKEA and putting it together yourself.

DWY (Done with You) – this could look like a mentoring program, an accountability group, or a mastermind group. In this model you come alongside your student and help them implement what you’re teaching.

DFY (Done for You) – in the done for you model you’re doing it for the customer. This is hiring a handyman to put the IKEA furniture together for you.

And you can serve your customers at all 3 of these levels.

Let’s use my friend Greg Tosi as an example. He’s my go to guy for Facebook advertising. Let’s plug his business into the DIY, DWY, DFY Models.

His DIY offer is a Facebook ads course. Customers take the course and implement the strategies on their own. There is no coaching or interaction with Greg.

Greg’s DWY model is his new mentoring program. His students at this level get his course content, but the added bonus of being able to ask Greg questions. Greg is coming alongside his students in this program and helping them implement their Facebook ads.

In the Done for You side of his business he creates and manages Facebook ads for his customers. This is what he does for me. I certainly could take his course and learn how to do it all, but I don’t believe this would be a good use of my time nor do I think I’d be as good at it as Greg. So I’d rather focus on what I’m good at and let Greg do his magic.

How does your niche fit into the above?

You don’t have to start with having all 3 options. Greg didn’t. Which one of these will be the easiest to implement? Do that one.

My friend and business partner Jenni Hunt and I went deep into this last night on a fun webinar titled “3 Ways to Money with What you Already Know”. You can watch the replay here – https://youtu.be/MJLAg-arpdg

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Your message matters.

Those skills, talents, and abilities that you have been blessed with are for you to serve others.

Those things might come easy for you, but not for everyone else and we’re willing to pay you for that knowledge.

Someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience.

It’s time for you to step into what you know you’re supposed to do.

Let us help you do that.

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