80+ hour weeks.
Barely seeing your family.
Hustle.  Hustle.  Hustle.
Is this what you think of when we say “multiple streams of income?”
This is definitely not what I want and not what I want for you.
In fact, working too much and not spending more time with family always comes up as one of the top regrets of those on their deathbed.
No one that I know wants to sacrifice family time to work more hours.
I bet you started your business because you want MORE family time.  You want to be able to use the income from your business to leave your job so that you’re free to be more present for those you love.
But multiple income streams can sound like tons of added work and stress so how do people have 3 or even over 18 like my friend and business partner Jenni Hunt?
The key is these are not parallel streams having nothing to do with each other.

Let me explain.

The crazy stressful way to create multiple streams looks like this:

Stream #1 – Full Time Job
Stream #2 – Power Washing Business on the Weekends

Stream #3 – Selling Car Parts on eBay

Stream #4 – Doing Handyman Jobs in your Neighborhood

These streams don’t complement each other at all.  Sure…it’s possible to create multiple streams of income that look like this, but you’ve just created 3 more jobs for yourself.
How long can one keep that up? 

My idea of multiple income streams looks like this:

Stream #1 – Private Label the Easy Way Book

Stream #2 – Private Label the Easy Way Course

Stream #3 – Private Label the Easy Way Accountability Groups

Stream #4 – Private Label the Easy Way Live Events
Do you see the pattern here?These streams flow together well and complement each other.
Here’s the beautiful thing….the content in the book, the course, the
accountability group and the one that’s presented at a live event are
essentially the same.  They’re just presented in a different way and meet a different need.

Some people will read a book and don’t need anything else to take action.  Some will need to take a course and there will be others that need some accountability to take action.  That could be in the form of 1 on 1 coaching or in a mastermind or accountability type group.
This is the “easy way” to create multiple streams of income.