How to start or grow your business with just $100

Yes! Yes! Yes!

In fact you don’t even need that much.

I talk primarily about 3 main ways to make money online: selling physical products, building streams of income around your knowledge/interest (books, courses, etc) and coaching/consulting.

When I get emails asking where someone should start and they need to make money quickly I almost always point them in the direction of selling physical products.

In my opinion it’s the easiest, lowest hanging fruit opportunity out there for generating income online.

Here’s why I say that:

– Low minimum investment (can be $0)

– Crazy Low risk

– ZERO prior experience necessary

– Don’t have to invite the college buddy you haven’t talked to in 20 years for coffee to sell him on your new opportunity

– Massive upside potential

Okay. So let’s say you’re convinced and are ready to get going or maybe you have been selling online for a while and just want some tips for turning $100 into a much larger nest egg.

Here are some of the things I’d do if I had to start over with $100:

Garage Sales – I’m telling you…there is gold in your neighborhood and the surrounding areas.

In this week’s episode my friend Greg Perry suggests being on the lookout for items like old rock band T-shirts, sealed printer ink (doesn’t matter if it’s expired), typewriters, and old perfume (even if there’s only a little bit left in the bottle).

Consignment – This is a FREE strategy so you can spend your $100 elsewhere. Ask friends and family for inventory they’d like to turn into cash, sell it for them, and then split the profits.

Sell items sitting at my house – Another FREE strategy. I have stuff here at the house that we’re not using anymore that could go on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

No matter which initial strategy you choose you would want to take that cash and invest it back in your business – primarily other items that are fast selling and keep turning your money over and over and watch it grow.

If not at the beginning, pretty quickly I’d be building a base of replenishable products (ones that sell over and over again). And I for sure would get into a community of other sellers for support – one like my Amazon Legends group.

In fact, you can try out the Legends group for a full 30 days for only $1!

Here’s how –

Whatever you decide to do moving forward the important thing is to take action. YOU too can start and grow a serious business with minimal invest and almost no risk.

Let’s do this!!!