How to Get Over the Fear of Promoting Yourself or your Business

When I was a kid and it was time for my birthday I remember my mom asking me if I wanted to invite all of my friends over for a party.  The thought of everyone coming over and giving me presents and making the whole day all about made me uncomfortable.

As an adult I’m still the same way.  I’ve been to parties for friends and I love blessing people with gifts, but when it comes time for my birthday I’d rather celebrate quietly with my wife and and maybe close family.

Well when you have a business and/or a message that you’re trying to get out into the world that mindset or personality trait isn’t the best.

For a long time I was uncomfortable about “promoting myself”, but all the experts say that if you won’t promote yourself who will?
I’ve spoken with other business owners who have told me they struggle with this very issue.

Let me tell you how I got liberated from this mindset… day as I was walking around the neighborhood and praying I sensed the Lord telling me that this business and this message that He’s given me to share is not my message.  It’s His message and He’s only entrusted it to me as His messenger.

Whoa!!!  That right there made the difference for me!

You see I’m the guy that loves to help other people.  I’m a server by nature.  So I’ve never had a problem helping someone else, but when it came to me I was reluctant to “toot my own horn” for fear of looking like I was promoting myself.

So when I realized that it’s not about me and that I was just the messenger that changed the whole game.

Now I have no problem talking about this message of creating multiple streams of income and the other themes that I talk about because it’s not my message anyway.

You don’t have to be a person of faith to have this resonate with you.  Let’s look at it this way…..
That message you have matters and there is someone that needs to hear it.  If you can identify with what I’m saying then don’t think that you’re

promoting yourself.  Rather think about that person that needs that gift or that product or that service you have.  It’s your duty to promote that

message so that the people that need it can get it.  Do it for them.

Make sense?

So stop worrying about what others might think and don’t let the fear of “promoting yourself” stop you from getting your message out to a world that desperately needs it.

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