He Sells What?!?!

What in the world would someone pay ME for?

I thought this for a long time so I understand why you might be skeptical that you can actually make money from something you know or are interested in.

If this is something you struggle with then do this short exercise with me….

Answer these questions:

1) What can I talk about for hours?

2) What do people ask me for help with or ask my advice on?

3) What have I overcome in my life?

4) What do I love to do in my free time?

The answers to these questions could be the same thing or they could be different.  Likely you have a few interests which gives you some options.

Now take some of these answers which could potentially be niches that you can jump into and go to Facebook.com.  Type in that niche into the search bar then click “Groups” at the top.

Here’s an example….

Then simply scroll through the groups that likely have the audience you would be trying to reach should you decide to turn your love of baking into a business.

Here’s a video I created showing how to do this…..


You could perform this same exercise for all of your potential niches.

Which niches have the most groups with the most engagement (posts per day)?

Get involved in a few of them and start serving people and listening. 

What questions can you answer? 

What problems are people dealing with? 

Can you solve their problems?

If so, could you create something that solves that problem?…….an ebook, course, video etc.

The world is full of people that need your expertise.  Get in front of them, serve them well and it will turn into opportunities to create an income from that knowledge.

If you’re still skeptical then please listen to this week’s podcast episode where I interview Kyle Boyer, who took his love of paper airplanes and turned it into a full time income!!  I know….crazy, right?

If he can do it with a niche like that then so can you with what you love.