Have you ever said anything like this?……

“I only have 50 people on my email list”

“I only have $2,000 in sales this month”

“I only have 800 podcast downloads”

“I only have 500 followers on social media”

Only, Only, Only!!!

Get rid of the word “Only” from your vocabulary!

Imagine those 50 people on your email list showing up at your house eager to listen to you talk about your subject and spend time with YOU.

Wouldn’t you want to have your house all clean and tidy and something to serve them?

You wouldn’t look at the crowd and say “There’s only 50 of you.  Come back when you’re a group of 500.”

No!  You would invite them in and serve them.

Every single one of those 50 email subscribers or podcast listeners or social media followers or widget buyers are real people that you have a tremendous privilege to serve.  They look to YOU for what you have to offer so focus on them not the other 500 people that you don’t have.

Do you remember the famous quote from the movie “Field of Dreams?”….. “If you build it they will come.”
Well, in this instance it’s “If you serve them, they will come.”  Those 50 people will tell other people and your influence will grow.

Keep loving and serving those that have been entrusted to you and watch as more and more people hear about you and show up at your “house” as well looking for what you have to offer.

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