Get a Free Copy of my Audiobook and Enter to Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card

Streams of Income is now live on Amazon in paperback form!

I know many of you already have it.

Would you like to help me spread the word and have a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card?

If so, do this:

1) Order the book on Amazon (if you don’t already have it)

2) Once you get the book, take a picture with it or of it.

3) Share that picture on social media with some text saying they need to get their own copy.

Use this link or your own Amazon affiliate link –

Include some text like this telling them how to get a free copy of the audiobook – “PLUS you can get a FREE copy of the audiobook version by entering your Amazon order # on this form –”

4) Be sure to tag me so that I know you shared it. This is SUPER IMPORTANT.

P.S.  Please leave a review on Amazon as well.  That will really help me a lot!
It can be short 🙂

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