Gentle Nudges Can Turn into Amazing Opportunities

In my email last week I mentioned how a gentle nudge can turn into something big when acted upon and I said I was going to make a major announcement that was the result of following a prompting I had to make a contact.

So as Paul Harvey famously said here’s the rest of the story….
(I recorded a video as well below if you’d rather watch this.  There’s more detail in the video)

It’s been on my heart for a while to reach out to KLTY radio.  They are a local Christian radio station that I listen to when I’m in the car.  Since I listen to them I figured that my ideal customer is listening also and I wondered if advertising with them might be good for promoting my new book.
I had no idea if I could afford it or if it even made sense.  I just wanted to reach out and ask.  So I finally sent an email and then a few days later I ended up talking to a sales rep.

He told me that KLTY is the largest Christian radio station in the world.  He said I could definitely advertise with them, but that it’s about $250 per 30 second commercial….WAY out of my budget and definitely not cost effective for a book that essentially I’m giving away for free.
But, he said that Salem Media owns KLTY and they also own 5 other

stations that are smaller and much more affordable.
We chatted about that for a while and he invited me to breakfast the next morning at the station to discuss some more.

Advertising sounded interesting, but what really caught my attention was when he said that they are in a very unique time in that there are actually spots open to host a radio show.  Apparently Dallas is a hot spot for radio and there are never spots open.

Long story short….I’m launching the Streams of Income radio program on Aug 24!  
It will air on KSKY AM and KWRD FM.  KSKY has about 250,000 listeners and KWRD about 100,000!
I’ll turn this into a podcast too!

Yesterday I recorded my first 2 episodes – one a solo program where I talk about the 3 main ways to make money online and in the 2nd one I interviewed Jim Cockrum.

For those of you not in the DFW area, you’ll be able to hear it too just by going to iheart radio ( or by telling your Amazon Alexa to play KSKY AM or KWRD FM at the appropriate time.  I’ll post the details next week so you can listen if you want.

I’m crazy excited about this opportunity to serve more people!

What have you been feeling lead to do?  Don’t wait!  Act on that nudge!  Who knows what that can turn into.

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