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Webster’s dictionary defines a mentor as a “wise and faithful counselor.” In my personal life I look to my father as the man I want to be. In my business my mentor is Jim Cockrum, recently named one of the most trusted internet marketers.

I have been following Jim since about 2004, but I had the pleasure of first meeting him in 2012. I had no idea, but that lunch meeting changed my business forever. One idea he presented to me has catapulted our business far beyond what I could have imagined. Since then we have partnered on a book project and I suspect we’ll partner in many more projects.

Who is your mentor? I challenge you to find someone that has built the type of business you want to have and has character qualities that you admire.

My pastor once said “if you have a pastor, you’ll go faster.” He was referring to spiritual growth, but the same is true in business. If you have someone that has been where you are and can help you manage the roadblocks and give you sound advice, you’ll get to your goals faster than someone who is building a business all alone.

CES Conference Videos &

Speaking of my mentor, Jim Cockrum held his first ever conference in Orlando last October. I have been to many conferences, but this one was by far the best. You don’t have to take my word for it. Feel free to check out the testimonials from the attendees –

The whole conference was recorded and is available for only $97 until February 25. Then it will jump to $197. You can find more information here – The killer part of this deal is that you get LIFETIME access to with purchase of the videos. If you’re serious about building an online business, is THE place to learn from trusted experts and get free access to a ton of great resources.

Have you ever wanted to help real world businesses and get paid?

Jim Cockrum and his partner Andrew Cavanagh have decided to offer lifetime access to for only $149! This offer ends this Friday, February 14th at midnight. Here is the link for more info –

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