Fill in the Blank: ______ are the Fuel of Business


Hard work?



These are all good things and much needed in a successful business, but I believe the answer is……


My friend and mentor Jim Cockrum said in his most recent podcast episode that “Business is fueled by relationships.
Relationships are fueled by connections and conversation.  The most
powerful connection and conversation you will ever have is in person.  The next best thing is the greatest communication tool we’ve ever been given which is the internet using voice, face and connecting that way. That’s
going to fuel your business.”

When I look at my business and all the streams of income I have I can point back to a relationship or person that helped create that or that I created with another person.

Selling physical products online can be traced back to a desire that was planted in me after reading Jim Cockrum’s book Silent Sales Machine.
In 2012 you might recall that I won an auction that Jim conducted on eBay.  As a result of that my wife and I were blessed to have lunch with him.  That lunch kicked off a friendship that exists to this day and has been
responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue (maybe more) on projects we have partnered on.
What fueled all that?  A relationship.

In 2014 I met Jenni Hunt at CES II, a conference for e-commerce sellers.  We became friends and that relationship lead to us creating Private Label the Easy Way (Proven Private Label) mentoring program for private label sellers and more recently a program called the Master Plan of Influence where we help people turn their passion into a stream of income.

The Amazon Legends group that I co-founded back in 2016 came about after meeting and getting to know my buddy Danny Stock.

In Jim’s recent episode he says that if you’ll connect with just 5 people per week using the internet (Skype or Zoom not email), phone or in person your business will explode.


Opportunities will present themselves.  If you’re talking to a customer you’ll learn their pain points and find new ways to serve them.
If you talk to a local business you might find out what’s holding them back from going to the next level.  Maybe you can help.

If you talk to a fellow e-commerce seller you’ll learn what’s working in their business right now.  Maybe you can implement that in your business.

It sounds so simple yet most people don’t do it.  In this age of text
messages and email it’s too easy to sit behind a computer and not make meaningful connections with people. 
Pretend it’s 1982 and meet someone for coffee or pick up the phone and call them and ask them this question I learned from Jim also…..

“What are you working on and how can I help?”

Or as my friend Brian Dixon says “What are you working through?”

This will get them talking about their current challenges and/or current projects and who knows you just might have the answer they’re looking for.  For sure, though, you’re building a relationship with that person and that’s priceless.

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