Even Knuckleheads Can Do This!​

Are you a knucklehead?

Probably not, but even if you were you can build an online business.

My radio guest this week is my good friend Karl Jacobi and he says that when he started his business he was a complete knucklehead – making tons of mistakes.

I’ve definitely made my share of mistakes and had my knucklehead moments.  Just ask my wife.  🙂  The important thing is that knuckleheads like Karl and I have kept going.  We’ve kept learning and taking action.

When I asked Karl what he would do if he had to start over again he said he would

……start selling items from around his home

……source books because they’re inexpensive and have high profit


……re-invest that money into replenishables (items that sell over and over again)

……get into the Amazon Legends group, develop relationships, and soak up the content

He cautioned, however, to soak up just one piece of the business at a time.  It’s so easy to get what we call shiny object syndrome and “hop around like a little squirrel.”

His advice is to get one part of the business going successfully, automate it and outsource it which will allow you to move on to something else.  Then rinse and repeat the process.

Karl just recently quit his job because of the success in his business and he credits much of his success to what he learned in the Amazon Legends group.

I want more success stories like Karl so I invite you to follow his advice and try out the Legends group. 

Here’s a link for a 14 day trial – https://amzlegends.com/14days

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