Don’t Settle for Less than God’s Best

I attended a conference last weekend and one of the speakers said that success has a price, but that mediocrity does too.  He said if we don’t pay the price to be successful then we’re automatically going to pay the price of being average.

He went on to say that the price of success is short term, but the price of being average lasts a lifetime.  Wow! 

Let me encourage you…..the fact that you’re even reading this makes you not average.  Most people aren’t learning about how to create multiple streams of income. 

Most people aren’t exploring ways to improve their lives.

Most people aren’t working hard to build a business in their spare time.  They’re content to go to work, come home, and then waste precious time in front of the television.

The fact is…most people settle for WAY less than God’s best for their life.

But….you aren’t most people.

You know there’s more.

Andrew Wommack says “As long as you can live with less than God’s best, you will.  You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired before you will aggressively pursue God’s best.”

One of my favorite scriptures is John 17:4.  In the Message translation it says, I glorified you on earth by completing down to the last detail
what you assigned me to do.”

If I could boil down all of my goals in life to one statement it would be this.

You may be reading this and not feel very successful right now, but let me encourage you.

The Lord has awesome plans for you.  Your future is bright.

Dare to believe big.  Dare to step into all that God has for you.

You won’t regret it.