Don’t Hide your Gift

My son Callen is 3 years old and he loves to pretend play.

Let’s pretend that you have a rich uncle that passes away and because he has no children you inherit his estate.  As you start to sort through everything you find an interesting piece of art tucked away in the attic.  It looks like others you’ve seen, but something inside you tells you to get it appraised. 

The art appraiser comes and almost faints when he sees it because he immediately recognizes it as a long lost piece of art from a very famous artist.

He values it at $30 million and is excited because the world is finally going to get to see this rare piece of art, but you tell him you’d rather keep it where it is, hidden in your uncle’s attic because it’s safe there.

He’s deeply saddened and shocked that you wouldn’t want to share this valuable piece of art with the world or at the very least sell it to someone else for a handsome profit.  He can’t believe that you want to let it sit there hidden in the attic.

Now replace that piece of art with the gifts, talents, and abilities that you have in your life.

Are you serving people with your gifts or are you hiding them in the attic?

Sure…it can seem safer in the attic.  If you never take them out no one will ever criticize you and you won’t have to get out of your comfort zone.  But you also miss out on the immense joy of seeing others benefit from your gift and, yes, you also miss out on the opportunity for that gift to create a serious income for you. 

By sharing your gift you create an incredible win-win….we get the benefit of your gift and you can earn a nice income by sharing it.  And when you’re working on your giftings it doesn’t even seem like work. 

Don’t let fear prevent you from pulling that gift out of the attic.  We need what you have.

We’re counting on you!