Do you prefer the Stairs or the Elevator?

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I just returned late last night from New York City where I had the opportunity to attend the Coffee Fest Trade Show with 3 of my fellow mastermind members. I firmly believe that one should not try to build your business alone and that truth is even more apparent to me now after spending just two days with them.   The ideas that were generated and the deepening friendships will easily turn out to mean increased income for me and my family.
When you can leverage each others experiences you can all go to another level.
It’s the difference between taking the elevator vs. taking the stairs. Imagine being at the Empire State Building with me and I take the elevator to the top and you take the stairs. We’re both going to make it to the top. However, I’m going to get there much faster and be much more rested when I get there. That’s the power of a group of like-minded individuals working together.
Since joining this mastermind group last fall, my business has literally EXPLODED and it would not have grown at this rate had it not been for the relationships we’ve built and the ideas we’ve shared.

I so believe in the power of getting together with like minded individuals that I want you to experience that as well.

We are hosting an intimate seminar April 28-30 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where we want to help you go to the next level in your business.

The topics that will be discussed include:

Growing your physical product business

  • Advanced retail arbitrage strategies – in store and online
  • Buying closeouts
  • Buying wholesale – online and at trade shows
  • Exclusives and Private Label products
  • Expanding internationally

Outsourcing your business

  • Where to find good VA’s
  • How to hire the right VA for your business
  • How to train your VA
  • How to focus on what’s important in your business
  • How to never touch your Amazon inventory
  • How to find people who will pay you to help them start an online business or grow their current one
  • How to turn your knowledge into an informational product and growing an audience
  • How to get buyers outside of Amazon onto your product listing

Our specific group is made up of 8 very experienced, very successful online sellers who want to help you with your business. They are:

Barrington McIntosh – International Business Consultant ; Coach; Top 25% of all Sellers on for the 2012 Holiday Selling Season; Runs business from Jamaica

Lance Wolf – Over $1,000,000 in Amazon sales; Has received Top 25% of all Amazon merchant awards; Retail arbitrage expert; Over $160,000 in sales just in the month of December for 2013 holiday season.

John Bullard Jr – Comes from a long line of entrepreneurs; Started selling Pokemon cards in high school; Cotinued this business for 3 years and expanded into cell phones and diabetic test strips. All of this was done on eBay; Launched an Amazon business and expanded into the toy category; Runs a bulk buying inventory service; Co-founder of; Member of Jim Cockrum’s Mastermind Group

Eric Hardwick – Successful Amazon and Ebay seller for the past 4 years; Turned 5k in capital into 1.7 million dollars in sales in under 4 years; Received the Top 25% of all merchants awards in all years selling on; Turned passion of creating jobs and helping people into a business of connecting Amazon sellers with highly trained Virtual Assistants; Member of Jim Cockrum’s Mastermind Group.

Roy Stroud – Over 8 years of E-Commerce/SEO experience getting #1 keyword rankings on multiple sites and keywords; Created and manufactured his own product that he private labeled and started selling; Added retail arbitrage to business model and generated over $150,000 in sales during the past 12 months on Amazon.

Mike Pimco – Over 20 years experience in Direct to Consumer Marketing; Responsible for hundreds of thousands of online orders shipped worldwide and countless page #1 Search Engine rankings; E-commerce and SEO consulting service specialist

Ken Kelly – Bi-vocational pastor in SC; Started on Amazon selling books and other media items; Over $320k sales on last year on a part-time basis; Moderator for; Recently ventured into selling shoes on and has had great success.

Lastly myself, Ryan Reger – Author of Real Wholesale Sources; Started selling furniture on Craigslist in 2008; Last year’s sales on Amazon and eBay were over $800k; Member of Jim Cockrum’s Mastermind Group; Small Business Consultant; Loves to Brainstorm ideas

Even though the value is there for just the content you’ll receive I truly believe the 2 paramount reasons why you should consider joining us are:
1) Each attendee is going to receive a one hour consultation where we will talk about your business and the challenges you’re facing and how to overcome them.   This will be a private session with at least 4 out of the 8 of us.

2) We are going to help you form your own mastermind group with a few of the other attendees.

If you’re brand new to selling online this is not for you and we aren’t going to accept everyone that applies.   We want to have around 24 qualified individuals who are serious about taking their business to the next level.   We’re going to do this first class so it’s not going to be cheap. If you’re interested please respond to my email by simply letting me know you’re interested and we will respond back with more information.
The reason we’re not going to take everyone who applies is we want to make sure we can truly help you.   So if  you’re  interested please let me know.

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