Are Goals Even for Me?

Do you ever get frustrated with goals?

Over the years I’ve set goals and failed to meet them and then felt like setting goals wasn’t for me.  Can you relate to that?

I was encouraged to hear that I’m not the only one so I recorded a radio show with 3 of my friends that have 3 different approaches.

That’s right…there’s not just one way to do it.

The common thread that runs through each of the approaches is taking action.  Just do those daily tasks that move you forward and you’ll get to your goals anyway.

In 2020 I’m going to focus more on each quarter than the whole year.  Sometimes I get tripped up with setting only annual goaIs. I put those things off because I have the whole year to get it done.  Then November rolls around and I’m no closer to that goal than I was on January 1.

Does that sound familiar?

So here’s my new easy way approach with goals as I start 2020:

1) Focus on Quarter 1 (January – March)
2) Write something down
3) Take daily action
4) Review and revise
5) Be open to new opportunity

Rather than just say “Goals aren’t for me” and not doing them at all I’m going to set some goals (in pencil) for quarter 1.  I’m going to focus more on those daily tasks that I need to be doing because I know that it’s those tasks over and over that will move me forward.

I’m going to review my goals often and revise as needed.  And lastly I’m going to be open to new opportunities that might appear that could end up being a priority for that quarter.  My radio show is a great example of that.  Having my own radio show was certainly not one of my goals this past year.  It wasn’t even on my radar, but the opportunity came along and I was able to take advantage of it.

So be encouraged, my friend, and let’s make 2020 our best year yet!

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