3 Reasons Ebay is a Good Starting Point

If you’re wanting to sell physical products (anything tangible that must be shipped) on the internet one of the best places to start is Ebay.

Why Ebay?

There are many reasons, but here are 3 obvious ones:

1. Traffic

Ebay is ranked #22 worldwide for traffic and ranked #7 in the US. You can certainly start with your own website, but then you have to drive traffic to it. Ebay already has traffic so why not go where all the people already are?

2. Very little if any Technical skills Required

Ebay makes it easy to get your item listed so you don’t have to have a wealth of html knowledge to sell on Ebay. There are may tutorials on Ebay to help you get started, but if you don’t want to go through that just ask a kid.

3. Easy to find inventory

You probably have items you can sell in your garage or junk closet. Why sell it at a garage sale for 25 cents when you can most likely get more for it on Ebay? Plus you don’t like sitting outside for 8 hours on a Saturday to make $50 anyway. 🙂

My wife and I have been watching the Olympics this week. According to an article on BBC, there have been 4.4 million spectators at Olympic events so far. Imagine having a food truck. Do you think you would sell more food if you were in an among all those people versus being 20 miles outside of London? Of course you would. Why? Because you’re going to where all the people already are. Ebay is like that. The buyers are already conditioned to go to Ebay so it makes it easy for someone just getting started to get their items in front of massive amounts of people very easily.

I’m not saying that having your own website is a bad idea. We have one for our furniture business, but we didn’t start with a website. Start with the items you already have and then grow from there.

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