How to 2x or Even 3x your Sales this Q4

Q4 is quickly approaching and with a plan of action you can expect to double our even triple your sales compared to the rest of the year!

But, how do you make the most of the best shopping season of the year?  If you’re a newer seller where do you even start?

In the Proven Q4 Plan we’re going to show you exactly where and equip you with the tools and resources needed to make this your best Q4 yet.  You might be wondering how to find profitable inventory, how to keep the momentum going beyond Q4, where to start if you’re on a budget, or even how to source without having to go from store to store.  All of this and more will be covered in our Proven Q4 Plan Group.

Here’s what you get when you join us for the Proven Q4 Plan:

·       An exclusive Q4 bootcamp – We will cover Amazon selling from A to Z so whether you’re brand new or have been through several Q4s these will benefit you.

·       Weekly training webinars – beyond the bootcamp we will have multiple weekly live webinars and videos to keep you motivated and encouraged.

·       Amazing supportive community – the leadership team we have assembled truly cares about your success and we’re eager to help you succeed.

·       Private Facebook group – this is the place to ask any and all questions you have. There are no “dumb questions” and our team will be available to help you here.

·       Free access to our proprietary Sourcing App – One scouting app to replace all others.

·       Free access to our proprietary Seller Software – One stop shop for all Amazon Account management tools including accounting, feedback generation/management and keyword research. Over 12 additional tools and resources as well.

·       Deals – like past groups we will have WhatsApp groups dedicated to the sharing of product leads. Our leadership team will be posting deals as well as those posted by fellow members of each group.

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