There Is Gold in your backyard and CES Conference Videos – Half off until tomorrow 2/24

There Is Gold in your backyard 

I had the tremendous opportunity to speak at a small internet marketing conference in Denver this past week. My wife was able to come with me and we took some time to sightsee. We were doing some shopping and walked into a small shop that specializes in antique maps and high end gifts. The manager was very friendly and began to chat with us about the store. She told us about the different maps and historical pieces she had. As a history buff it was fascinating, but the whole time I was thinking “Are they selling online?” and “How can I help them?” I can’t shut it off. 🙂 When I meet someone I’m thinking “Is there a way for me to help them with their business or to start a business?”

Melane and I have been so blessed to be able to work together and have not had to have real jobs during our whole marriage. We want others to be able to experience the same blessings.

So back to the store manager. We asked her if they were selling online and she said they were working on their website, but it was not live yet. When we told her that many of the items in the store could be sold on Amazon she was amazed since she thought Amazon was just for books. She knew eBay might be a fit for the one of a kind items, but had not tried it yet. We told her about our business and about how we use Amazon’s fulfillment service (FBA). She looked at us like we were online selling geniuses. I left my business card and told her I would be happy to help her get started online.

Even if you’ve only been selling online for a few months you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and can benefit businesses around you and get paid well for it. Trust me when I say that you know more than you think you do. Offline businesses need your expertise and you can benefit financially as a result.

I don’t consider myself an expert in striking up conversations, but all we did was ask questions about her store and it lead to telling her about our business. She was intrigued and began asking us how that all worked. It may or may not lead to us doing business with her, but it was easy and I’m sure going to be on the lookout for more opportunities to help offline businesses get started online.

So I encourage to take what you know and use that as an opportunity to benefit others. There is gold in your own backyard.

CES Conference Videos – Half off until tomorrow

Did you miss Jim Cockrum’s first ever conference in Orlando a few months ago?

No worries. The videos of this no-pitch event is available in it’s entirety, but you only have until tomorrow 2/24 to get it at the low price of only $97. It doubles in price on Tuesday, 2/25.

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The plan is in the works for Jim’s next event in Dallas on September 4-6. Please stay tuned for details.

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