100% FREE Online Sourcing Course and Sneak Peek Video of Wholesale/ Private Label Database

You may have already heard about this, but just in case I wanted to let you know that my friends Jim Cockrum, Chris Green, Gary Baird, and Nathan Bailey have created a 100% FREE Online Product Sourcing Course. Grab your spot here before they are all gone.

Earlier in the week I told you about a brand new wholesale and private label supplier database. I just created a short video giving you a sneak peek of it.  (See bottom of this post)
This is not just another list of sources. This is a fully searchable list of thousands of wholesale and private label suppliers. So if you’re wanting to source hats for example. You simply can type “hats” into the search field and Voila! – a list of hat suppliers will appear right before your eyes.
Or if you want to see a list of wholesale suppliers in only the sports and outdoors category for example, you can browse them all easily.
Plus we’ll continue to make improvements and add suppliers so get in now before the price goes up.

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