Private Label the Easy Way is now AVAILABLE!

You know that I love the Private Label business model and in my new book I’ll show you an easy way to launch your own private label product.

The private label model has revolutionized my business and I know it can do the same for you if you apply the principles in my book.

Private Label the Easy Way is available Now here –

Want to have someone mentor you through the process to have your own private label product by Q4?

Then check out the Private the Easy Way Mentoring Program I’m kicking off with Jenni Hunt. We’ll help you navigate the whole process and give you some incredible accountability and a group of people to lean on and learn from.

Check out how you can become a part of this here –

Real Wholesale Sources Version 2, Why I Love Private Label, and Why You Should Write a Book

Are you interested in wholesale?

I wrote a book last year called Real Wholesale Sources that sold thousands of copies. In it is a list of over 200 legitimate wholesale companies that you can purchase from for your Amazon, eBay, or even offline business. I recently updated it and have re-launched the 2nd version. You can get it for only $9.99 here.
You might think Private Label is a scary proposition, but in a book I’ll be launching within the next several weeks I’ll show you that it’s not.
Can you imagine having a product that brings in a consistent $10,000 to $20,000 in sales every month or more? What if you had 3 or 4 products like that? How would it change your business?
These numbers are very realistic and I’ll be showing you how we found an easier way to do private label products.
It sounds like all I do is write books. The truth is I wish I had more time to devote to writing.
There has never been an easier time than now to get a book published. Here are some reasons why you should consider writing a book:

1) Become a leader in your niche which opens up many other opportunities.
2) Extra income. Who doesn’t like that?
3) It’s fun to say you’re an author.

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but I challenge you to think of some topics that you could be an “expert” on. Do you have a topic you’d like to write about, but need some encouragement or advice? Shoot me an email at and I’ll help in any way I can.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! December has been a crazy month with sourcing and getting inventory into Amazon for the busiest shopping season of the year I’m just now having a chance to relax a little bit after working so hard. My main piece of advice is just that – take some time to relax [...]

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Q4 is Here! Are you Ready?

If you sell physical goods then Q4 is the most thrilling adventure you’ll experience. It seems like anything that’s not nailed down will sell in the last quarter of the year. Are you ready? Here are just a few tips I wanted to share about being prepared for Q4: Make sure you have plenty of [...]

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Nuggets from the CES II Conference and Beyond Arbitrage

I’ve been quiet over the last several weeks. The main reason is I was working on a book called Beyond Arbitrage. I’ll touch on that in a minute, but I wanted to give you a nugget or two from Jim Cockrum’s CES Conference this past weekend. Rabbi Daniel Lapin quoting from the book of Genesis [...]

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My Email to a Frustrated Seller

I received an email from a fellow seller that is feeling a bit frustrated with his business. We’ve all been there so I thought that some of my comments to him might encourage others as well.  Here they are:   Don’t give up. There is so much inventory out there that it’s not worth dealing [...]

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Don’t Ever Give Up!

I know there are times in your business when sales are slow or it seems like finding good inventory is difficult and you question whether you should continue. Those are the times when you have to remember why you’re doing this business. If you don’t have a “why” get a “why”. There will be challenges, [...]

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Wholesale Help for International Sellers

I have been getting a lot of questions from sellers outside the US about how to purchase wholesale products and have them sent to As you probably know, wholesalers require a sales tax permit and that can only be acquired if you have a business in the US. After some research, I found a [...]

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MM8 Conference Recap

“Awesome” “Next Level” “Life Changing” These are some of the words the attendees used to describe the MM8 Conference that me and my mastermind buddies hosted this past week in Dallas. We are truly deeply humbled to hear that kind of feedback. Two of them told us that they could have gone home after lunch [...]

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Multiple Streams Continued and Expanding Internationally

Have you ever just stared at your computer not really knowing what to do in regard to your internet marketing business? How do you know where to start? There seem to be so many opportunities that you can become paralyzed by analyzing every possible business model. I certainly have been in this position. In my [...]

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