Multiple Streams Continued and Expanding Internationally

Have you ever just stared at your computer not really knowing what to do in regard to your internet marketing business?

How do you know where to start?

There seem to be so many opportunities that you can become paralyzed by analyzing every possible business model. I certainly have been in this position.

In my previous post I mentioned multiple streams of income, but that you should focus on one stream and then add other streams. Stay laser focused on one until it’s at a point that you can branch off and work on others. You never know when you may need the others to be your main source of income.

My wife and I began selling furniture on Craigslist back in 2008. At the time we had zero presence on Amazon or eBay. I’m thankful that we added the Amazon and eBay streams because the Craigslist stream has completely dried up. It was our main stream for over 3 years and now it’s not even a trickle.

Today I’m earning income from streams that at one time I didn’t even know existed. Some are very small, while others are a significant source of our overall income.

How did I do this?

I worked on one stream until it started producing to a point that I felt comfortable starting a new stream. You can do the same thing and I’ll provide some encouragement in the next post and give you some ideas.

Speaking of multiple streams…. if you’re an Amazon seller, are you set up to sell on

If not, I encourage you to be thinking about expanding internationally.

My good friend, Barrington McIntosh, is hosting another 6 week course beginning May 5 designed to get you started selling on Amazon UK and other international platforms. His first six week course was wildly successful. Check out the testimonials.

Barrington is selling thousands of dollars per month on AND Amazon.UK.  And the best thing is, he does it from his home on the little island of Jamaica.  You may already be familiar with Barrington and his story if you have the Proven Amazon Course because the interview with him is at the top of that sales page.

If you haven’t started on Amazon yet or are just barely getting started I don’t recommend signing up because it will be information overload. Get the Proven Amazon Course instead.

However, if you feel you’re ready to send some inventory across the pond, go here for more information and don’t delay signing up because the class will be limited to only 80 people and it will fill up very fast like the first one did.

Multiple Streams of Income and An Online Sourcing Opportunity

I know you have heard the term “multiple streams of income”.

In the internet marketing world some possible streams are:

  • A physical product business such as selling on Amazon and eBay
  •  Helping offline businesses get their business online
  •  Coaching other online sellers
  •  Writing and selling an e-book on a subject you’re knowledgeable about
  •  Setting yourself up as a leader in your niche, building an audience, and offering quality products to that audience

There are many more possible streams and there are streams within those streams. For example, with an Amazon business you can sell products you find at a physical retail store or online. You can also have your own private label product with your own brand.

Sound overwhelming?  It can be.

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Do you prefer the Stairs or the Elevator?

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There Is Gold in your backyard and CES Conference Videos – Half off until tomorrow 2/24

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Thank you and Top Questions from Readers

I am truly humbled by the response I have received to my book. Thank you to everyone who purchased it and I sincerely hope it’s a blessing to you and your business. Below are the top questions I have received from my readers along with my answers.

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Real Wholesale Sources is now available!

Get it here –

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Real Wholesale Sources Ebook…..Coming Soon!


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FBA: THE Reason Amazon is a good starting point

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What Business Should I Start?

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