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I know there is definitely more interaction on my Facebook page, but I am curious as to how many people get a chance to see the posts on this page.

The next 5 people to email me at and mention this post to get a free copy of either Real Wholesale Sources, Beyond Arbitrage, or Private Label the Easy Way.

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Why Wholesale and How to Negotiate with Wholesale Suppliers

John Bullard Sr and I created a webinar discussing where to find wholesale inventory and how to negotiate with wholesale suppliers. Here’s the replay… Also, here’s a link to the Cliff Notes version of the webinar – Enjoy!

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Don’t Compare Yourself and How to Win a Free Business Consultation

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What is your Low Hanging Fruit?

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Private Label the Easy Way Revealed Webinar Replay

We had an AMAZING turnout for my “Private Label the Easy Way Revealed” Webinar this evening. Lance Wolf and I pulled the curtain way back on how we launch Private Label products with very low minimums and low risk. Feel free to check out the replay here – We gave a ton of very actionable […]

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Join Me on Facebook!

Email is a great communications tool, but it can be a little impersonal at times. I’d like to connect with you in a more personal way and provide you with content and resources to help take your business to another level. Would you please like my new business page on Facebook? Here’s the link – […]

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The Easy, Inexpensive Method for Private Label Revealed – Free Webinar

Are you interested in doing Private Label, but concerned about sourcing overseas and the high minimums that go with that? Private Label doesn’t have to be scary or expensive. I launched my first private label product with about a $500 investment. Join myself and special guest, Lance Wolf, on a live webinar on Thursday evening […]

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I have created to be a resource to help you determine where you want to go (Point B) and once you determine your Point B, to offer resources to help you navigate the journey. There are a number of FREE Resources so please check out my new site at    

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Wanna Go Beyond Selling Just Physical Products in 2016?

Would you like to go beyond selling physical products and get into content marketing? Do you feel lost on how to make that jump? I honestly felt the same way a few years ago. I saw all these guys making good money selling information, but wasn’t sure I could do it. After all, who would […]

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